Аскар Жумагалиев
Заместитель премьер-министра
Blockchain & The Future of Legislation. Opening Plenary Session
Blockchain & The Future of Legislation. Opening Plenary SessionWelcoming address27 years of systematic work of Kazakhstan on the eve of entering the 4th industrial revolution. Prospects and risks from missed opportunities
Алан Дорджиев
Президент Ассоциации
Blockchain and Cryptotechnologies development in Kazakhstan
Welcoming address The concept and main idea of Association establishment The main idea and structure of Association. 7 strategic goals for blockchain in Kazakhstan
Gunther Dütsch
PwC Germany
Blockchain development in Germany and other EU countries
Regulatory development in Germany for blockchain and digital assets. Blockchain deployment in energy sector and finance.
Michael Mücke
Managing Partner
Mücke Sturm Company
Blockchain in public and private sectors
Blockchain as a game-changer for public and private sector. Use cases and way forward.
Ananthalakshmi Venkatasubramanian Vallapuzha
Principal Architect
Infosys Blockchain
Overview of Blockchain and Use Cases
The value of blockchain technology and the effect of its implementation in the economy and government. Used cases for government services. Blockchain finance platform
Maximilian Freiermuth
Genesis Cloud
Cloud computing for new industry
Service for new industry. Rendering, as a new opportunity meeting worldwide demand for cloud computing and future prospects for Kazakhstan
Jean-Charles Cabelguen
Chief Innovation & Adoption
Cabelgue Decentralizing centralized systems
Why does the decentralized system change the centralized economy? What are its advantages?
Никита Соловьев
Директор по технологической стратегии
Blockchain as initiator of changes in energy sector
How blockchain opens a new path for new players and a general restructuring of the landscape in the energy sector
Arnold Daniels
Co-founder & Software Architect
Blockchain for waste management in Netherland
Use of blockchain to automate processes related to waste transportation in EU. Other initiatives for using blockchain for natural services
Laura Xiaolei Liu
Professor of Finance and Accounting
Guanghua School of Management
Examples of blockchain application and regulation in China
Examples of blockchain application and regulation developments in China
Sergey Pen
KAZGUU Law School
Development of education in the field of blockchain technology
Does the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan have the opportunity to nurture personnel for servicing the crypto industry?
Леонид Муравьев
Вице-Президент по связям с общественностью
Conclusions of the 1st day of the Conference
Conclusions of the 1st day of the Conference The results of the day and agenda of the 2-day conference
Денис Русинович
Вице-Президент по международному сотрудничеству
Introduction to day 2. Presentation of the pilot project between KZ Systems and Genesis Mining on the platform of Kazakhtelecom. Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence development strategy of the Association.
Bronislava Starovoitova
Ingvarr Advisory & Trust
Regulatory and legal development in blockchain and digital assets
Regulatory and Legal development of blockchain and digital assets. Selected regions Singapore, Gibraltar and Switzerland
Асет Касымбалинов
Старший менеджер
PwC Kazakhstan
Designing, testing and auditing blockchain based solutions
Designing, testing and auditing blockchain based solutions. Blockchain auditability
Ilya Glazyrin
Managing Partner
Salarian Capital
Digital asset class and finance

Digital asset classification. Blockchain and finances
Rustem Sadykov
KPMG Kazakhstan
Taxation of digital assets
Monetary, credit and tax risks of digital assets circulation. Analysis of international experience
Асылбек Давлетов
Regulation of virtual currencies and extended private placement regimes
Presentation of AFSA Consultation Paper on Virtual Currencies and Extended Private Placement Regimes in the course of public discussion
Шангереев Кенес
Блокчей в индустрии видео игр
How blockchain allows business to increase revenue by lowering prices.
The FREED platform enabling the integration of high-performance computing and the video game industry markets
Динислам Ораз
Главный дата-сайнтист
KZ Systems Solutions
Data science and its future - Artificial Intelligence
Blockchain & data science for e-government. Implementation of AI for Big Data processing and data-driven recommendations.
Алексей Хахунов
Application of blockchain for development of AI solutions for business
AI (ML) market today and the forecast of its development. How AI changes the industry and what awaits us in the future.
Aleksandr Osinskiy
IT Architect
Major trends and projects with blockchain in IBM practice
Blockchain trends, strategic development of blockchain practice in IBM practice and leading projects
Никита Дуров
Технический Директор  
Check Point Software Technologies 
IT security and blockchain - new trends
New challenges for cyber-security and blockchain use
Gilles Hilary
Chaired Professor
Georgetown Hyperledger
How to select and integrate blockchain projects
The promise of Blockchain - integration and synergies. How to integrate blockchain into ecosystems to realize its potential
Алан Дорджиев
Президент Ассоциации
Completion of the Conference. Closing speech
Completion of the Conference. Closing speech

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